MFP d-Copia 3500MF 4500MF 5500MF

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Brand: Olivetti
Product Code: 3500MF 4500MF 5500MF

MFP d-Copia 3500MF 4500MF 5500MF

d-Copia 3500MF 4500Mf 5500MF

  • network printer and scanner, copier
  • colour scanner
  • optional network fax
  • 160 GB hard disk &up to 2 GB RAM
  • broad range of shared options
  • data security kit and internet fax kit

The Olivetti d-Copia 3500MF, 4500MF and 5500MF are the new family of monochrome A3 multifunctional systems for medium/large workgroups in professional environments. A huge range of options is available for users to personalise their systems to suit the most varied operating requirements.

_ paper capacity up to 7,150 cut sheets, on a par with higher-end models 
_ management of a full range of paper weights for originals and from paper trays 
_ Hard disk and RAM capacities among the highest for this class of product 
_ extended print drum life up to 600K print-outs thanks to enhanced amorphous silicon technology 
_ scan speed up to 160 ipm with DP-771 dual-scanner feed (optional) 
_ extended operating time between periodical maintenance cycles for reduced running costs.

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